Unfortunately, you can’t just toss your blue-tongued skink into a cardboard box, call it a home and walk away.

Although skinks are hardy scavengers in the wild that eat literally dead, rotted meat all the while dodging predators and the elements, a large percentage do not end up living into their “twilight” years.

This is what you want to avoid, and this is precisely why there are a few things you need to get squared away either before purchasing or obtaining a skink, or immediately after.

A few notes about this page:

  1. I don’t have any relationship whatsoever with the companies that create, produce and market these products. These are all products that I feel comfortable recommending as I use them myself.
  2. There are a few products that are difficult to be skimpy on price, such as your UV light (I’ll get into that on the UV light page), but for the most part, most of these items are relatively inexpensive. I have always tried to find the best balance between cost and bang for your buck, as much as possible.

Choose what is in your habitat very wisely, as it can really make a huge difference in your bluey’s life quality!

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